11 februari 2020

Call for the 2020 IOPTP research grant proposals

The IOPTP Research Committee has just posted a call for the 2020 IOPTP research grant proposals.


You will find information on the webpage at https://www.wcpt.org/ioptp/grant.  You will also find the funding application form.  The proposals will be submitted by:

A fully completed application form (in English and signed by the main applicant and administrative responsible person of institute) and a CV from the applicant should be received by the IOPTP ­­­March 1 of each yearApplication forms should be submitted as a PDF file and sent to president@ioptp.wcpt.orgADDITIONALLY, a letter from the President/Chair of the applicant’s IOPTP member organization must be submitted stating that the applicant is a member.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt. If not received within 6 working days after submission of the application, please contact a reminder to the above mentioned e-mail address.

 Proposals are due March 1, 2020.  The total budget for an approved grant is up to $5000 USD (4500 BP).